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I am a flexible person seeking employment which will allow development, growth and make use of my existing skills. I am a self-starter and I am always looking for new opportunities. Python finds me interesting and I wish to establish a long-term career in a company where I may utilize my Backend Developer professional skills and knowledge to be an effective Backend Developer and inspiration to those around me.

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2019 - 2023

B.Tech, Computer Science & Engineering

Fatehgarh Sahib, Punjab, India

Baba Banda Singh Bahadur Engineering College


Class XII CBSE Board

Patiala, Punjab, India

Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 2 DMW


Class X CBSE Board

Patiala, Punjab, India

Kendriya Vidyalaya No. 2 DMW





February to Present

Python Developer


Working as a Python Developer I am responsible for developing the APIs written with Flask-RESTful libraries for performing CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations on our MongoDB database for the various modules of the application.


October to Present

Maintainer for Xiaomi Mi A3


Evolution X is a flashable Custom ROM to bring a true Pixel feel to your Android Device at first glance, with many additional configurations at your disposal. We aim to provide frequent builds with monthly security patches from the latest AOSP source. As an official maintainer, I am responsible for maintaining Xiaomi Mi A3.


June to July

Backend Developer


Working as a Backend Developer I Designed REST API in Python-Flask for highly optimised and resumable file uploads to the organization's AWS S3 bucket and insert metadata of the uploaded file to MySQL database. Written a Selenium script for scraping free useful simulations from other websites (free to use) reducing the efforts of educators if those resources are added manually. Metadata of simulations is stored in MySQL database.


March to December

Maintainer for Xiaomi Mi A3

SkyHawk Recovery Project

Android recovery based on TeamWin Recovery Project with rich UI and Features. As an official maintainer, I am responsible for maintaining Xiaomi Mi A3. (currently the updates are on hold because of some encryption issues for non-dynamic partitions)


August to September

OpenCV and Computer Vision Intern

IETE, Mumbai

We covered various topics like: Watermarking on an img, Face Detection and Color Detection in an Image/Video, Various GUI based image processing systems using appJar (The easiest way to create GUIs in python) Making graphs using Matplotlib, etc all in python.


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These are some platforms where I posts my most recent activities, awards and acheivements. Feel free to connect with me ;)


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840, DMW Railway Colony
Patiala, Punjab, India


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Linux Enthusiast

Using linux to get rid of auto updates and get complete control on system.

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Python Programmer

Love to make CLI programs, WebApps, RESTFul APIs & a bit AI/ML.

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Git >> Everything

Haha, I am incomplete without Git & GitHub.

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Backend Development

Developing backbone is far better than aligning a div.

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